Challenge: How can we help UTS create design students with a diversified skill sets

Action: We created a one week accelerator course for students that would prepare them for the complexities of current and future jobs.

Blend Week, brought together two different streams of UTS students to create interdisciplinary teams worked with human centred design processes including; rapid prototyping, persona-scenarios and storytelling to develop and communicate concepts in response to a brief prepared by NSW Department of Education. The first experience blended Product Design and Visual Communication programs to create a unique meeting of minds to tackle problems in surprising ways.

Results: The inaugural Blend Week ran from 20 - 27 November, 2017 with overwhelming success.

Student feedback was that they loved talking to clients and feeling like they were part of the Tricky Jigsaw team, with many students saying it was their “favourite course in their degree”.

“With the success of the first Blend Week we are intending to offer the opportunity every year to students.” Dr Jacqueline Gothe, Associate Professor, School of Design

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